A Little Bit About Me

November 7, 2015

Yes, it was my birthday, and I turned 21 on October 2nd! Have some of that month old cake ;D

I've never been big on birthdays, and I've never even mentioned it here on the blog, but with the 21st, I felt like it called for some kind of acknowledgement.

21 is supposed to be this big milestone in people's lives, mostly because of the legal drinking age thing, I guess? I don't drink, though, and the only other thing that's of significance is that I can now marry legally (the legal age for marriage in India is 21). Yeah, no plans of doing that anytime soon, so I figured I'd do something noteworthy and share some unknown facts about my interesting life (question is, if my life were really interesting, would this be the noteworthy thing I do on my 21st?)