It's About Time I Had A Blogging Manifesto

January 7, 2014

Well, since I already posted my resolutions for the new year, I obviously cant do that for today as well. But, you're here, so I've obviously thought of something. I decided to put a bit of a twist to this week's topic, and I've come up with this.

I thought it was about time I did, actually :)

I first started blogging because I one, wanted to copy my sister, and two, got an idea for a first post that I just had to share or I'd have burst. After the initial burst of excitement over the novelty of the whole thing, I wrote only sporadically. 

And then last year, I discovered book blogs. And I figured, hey, here's an idea I can talk about endlessly. This is perfect for me. And so I began book blogging. 

I wont say this first year of blogging has been easy, but it has been fun. I made a lot of mistakes, as in I wasn't consistent, didn't post as many reviews as I wanted to, took part in a lot of blitzes and tours before I learned to be discerning, kept my real self separate from the blog because I didn't think it would be relevant to post anything other than reviews, and then when I saw others were doing it, I kept back because I was just scared to put myself out there, I didn't review all my NetGalley books (I'm not doing the same with Edelweiss, though) and requested more ARCs than I knew I could handle, and well, the list goes on. 

Basically, blogging wise, I've learned a lot this year, and I struck upon the idea of writing up a blogging manifesto (inspired, of course, by Jamie), so that I would have all my blogging ideals out there, to keep reminding and encouraging me when I stray off the straight and narrow.

My Blogging Manifesto

My blog is a reflection of myself and my love for books. The door is always open.
I will not be afraid to be myself. Well, I already am myself out here (sometimes even more than in real life, actually. Okay, now that just sounds unhealthy), but I'm referring to my reluctance of writing anything more than reviews on the blog, because I'm apprehensive of putting myself out there completely. So that's changing from here on.

I will not put my blog/bookish life before my life outside of it. Because I tend to do that sometimes. Researching stuff, aimlessly wandering around Goodreads, stalking other blogs and never commenting... Blah. The coming year is pretty important to me, in terms of my college life, and I have to get it into my skull that I will have to be able to balance them both, otherwise I'll be the one to suffer (For instance, this might happen: "omg my head is going to burst if I think anymore about Freud" or "ooh this book... oh there's another one... this design's so pretty... yuck, I hate mosquitoes")

I will always blog with integrity, and will be proud of what I do. I tend to put myself down sometimes, and see what's lacking instead of the things I've accomplished. I will remember that I have achieved things a lot of my peers haven't, so I will focus on that whenever demotivating thoughts crop up.

I will always be honest, creative and venture outside of my comfort zone. When I first started book blogging, I had this idea in my head that its only a book blog if it has, like, a 100 reviews, and I post reviews every other day. I have since realised (and still working on changing my own mind) that reviews are not a bench mark, and I am allowed, and need to, in fact, explore the different possibilities out there. Because, like we all know, nothing ventures, nothing gained.

I will not try to compete with anyone, but be true to myself and give my blog the best of myself. I will not feel ashamed or undeserving of the title of 'book blogger' when I see others posting more reviews or/and more frequently that I do. It's okay if I am unable to post many reviews in a month, or if I take a short break. Life is allowed to get in the way, and everyone has a different pace of doing things, and I need not do something just because everyone else is doing it.

I will blog for myself (and for you, of course. Yes, you. The one who's reading this.), and that is as it should be. I will not feel obligated to do anything that I do not feel like doing. I will not request more ARCs than I know I can handle, and I will be committed to the ones I do request, reviewing them in a timely fashion.

I will be happy with my little space here, not compare myself (negatively) to other blogs. Stats and followers and ARCs. Three things that make me feel really bad and jealous. Physical ARCs are a no go anyways, because Indian publishers are not very free with review copies, but stats and followers can really pull me down sometimes. I have to learn to pump up the quality of the blog, and just wait for the masses to notice. In the meantime...

I will appreciate and be grateful for every reader than I have. And I truly am. That little blue thingie on the right that says '217 followers'? And the one at the end of the page with '124 followers'? Every single one of you are loved and cherished, because I got you the hard way. And I will try my best to show that in the consistency and quality of my posts.

I will reply to every comment on the blog, if not immediately, then when I get time. I appreciate every comment I find here, because I know that it's really easy to just browse through (God knows I often do that), and when you take the time to sign in and write a comment, you just make me love you. Really, whenever I see a new comment, my heart beats faster, and I'm all grins. And so, since you take the effort to write me a comment, I shall take the effort to reciprocate.

This is my blogging manifesto, and I hereby swear to stick to it to the best of my abilities.

What about you? Do you have a blogging manifesto too? If you do, share a link! I'd love to see it. If not, what do you think your blogging manifesto would contain if you had one? Any thoughts about this one here?