Introducing Between Bookends: The Phenomenon That is SHERLOCK

January 5, 2014

Remember my blogger resolutions for 2014? Well, I've decided to get on with them, and so today, I introduce to you a new feature here at I Read, Ergo I Write called 'Between Bookends'. (I really, really hope you get the name. Do you? Tell me!) It will contain discussions, musings, or just ramblings on bookish stuff, non-bookish stuff or just anything that strikes my fancy, really. Feel free to to join in!

And for my first post, I've decided to talk about my current obsession, which I just cannot seem to stop thinking about (even the theme music's been stuck in my head all day long)...


For those of you who dont know, where have you been? Sherlock is the contemporary adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes short stories which airs on BBC One. You should be knowing this! It's just about the most amazing thing to ever happen to television.

I think Sherlock is one of the few TV series (The Newsroom is another example) that caters to the intellectual in us, rather than, for instance the harmone crazed teenager in us all who loves vampires (not that that's a bad thing. Hey, I love Klaus too!). Before, I always felt like there a gap in the entertainment industry that called for a 'thinking' drama, one that explored the capacities of human intelligence while being grounded in reality, one that was both intelligent and engaging. And so, they gave us Sherlock. The End.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are both brilliant actors in their own right, and when put together, they get along like a house on fire. Why do I love this show so much? It appeals to the nerd in me. Honestly, have you ever watched something that's so unapologetically genius? I mean, he doesn't explain half the things he does before or when he's doing it, he doesn't bother to slow down when he is explaining after, simply expecting us to follow him or just be left behind in the dust, going along, literally, at the pace his mind works in. And omg HAVE YOU SEEN HIM THINK? Okay, I've never said anything like this ever on the blog, and it is unlikely that I ever will again, but in this case, the feeling just begs to be expressed: Thinking can be very attractive. Just saying.

Moving on (not really, though. I can never move on from Sherlock)...

Sherlock Holmes is Not Dead

At the end of the second season, in The Reichenbach Fall, Sherlock fell to his death. But we come to know soon after, that he had faked it, and was actually alive. In the wait between that episode and the start of the third season (two years. TWO YEARS!), the internet was flooded with theories on how Sherlock 'died'. I didn't make my own theory (I do not suffer from delusions of grandeur, thank you very much), but I did browse around for others', and while most of them mentioned that Molly helped him (duh! He asked her for a favour, people. It doesn't get any clearer than that), I didn't find many others very impressive.

I did, however, find one, that sounded like it was based on observation, thought, logic and deduction, in true Sherlock style, and it sounded pretty plausible to me. I even spoke about it to a couple of my friends who also happen to be Sherlock fangirls.

And... guess what? In the premiere of season 3, we find out that Sherlock faked his death in the exact same way as this person explained it, which is BRILLIAAANNNT! I just felt the need to acknowledge her brilliance over here, and so, that is why you're reading this post. Here's her video explaining her theory:

Also, I think it's awesome that Gatiss (who I just found out is the one who plays the elder Mr. Holmes *facepalm*) included Andersons' theories in the episode. It felt like maybe, maybe, it was a tribute to the fandom.

As an aside, it does feel odd to be part of a fandom (air quotes) for a TV series. I've never been one to fall all over a television show or movie, and I never thought it would happen to me, but it has, and it couldn't have happened with a better series than Sherlock.

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So... Are you a Sherlockian too? And what do you think about Benedict Cumberbatch? I have a friend who's like, super crazy about him, so I know more about him that I would have ever found out if left to my own devices. Did you have any theories about his fall? Aren't you waiting desperately for today's episode? Talk to me in the comments!