Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books At The Top Of My Summer TBR List

June 18, 2013

I love this week's topic! There are so many awesome books releasing this summer, and I'm looking forward to them all so much!

And I know this idea behind this topic is that since colleges & schools are now closed, everyone will have more time to spend doing their favourite hobby - reading! Well, unfortunately, (for me, that is), I live in India (not that I'm unfortunate because I do. I love my country!), and out here, colleges and schools are just reopening after the long annual holiday. So yeah, poor me will have to get back to studying come Thursday, and I will no longer be able to read as many books as I want to, but I will definitely be posting reviews. I'm working towards increasing my number of reviews (because they're really crappy, not that you dont know...), and I hope to so better on that side.

Okay, enough chit chat about me. Let's get down to the books!

Top Ten Books at The Top of My Summer TBR List

1. Hover by Melissa West
Immediately after I read Gravity (with which I have been flat out in love (get the reference?) with ever since setting eyes on the cover), the first thing I did was check for the sequel, and when I saw the date of release, I was like...

Yeah. 'Devastated' did not describe me then. However, fate has been merciful, and time has flown pretty fast, actually, and it's only ONE MONTH AWAY!!! Yayayayay!

2. Out of Breath by Rebecca Donovan
This is another one I've been waiting for since last year. You know how I'm a sucker for books that give me the 'feels', right? Okay, if you didn't, you do now! And the previous two? Oh, absolutely jam packed with them!

And yeah, this may be cliched, but I can fall for the occasional 'knight-in-shining-armour' story once in a while. And this is kind of like that. Kind of.

3. The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence
This one released on June 15, which, coincidentally, is also my sister's birthday! It released on June 15th. That's three days ago. But I dont have it. And before you think I'm some spoilt brat who has to have books as soon as their on the shelves, let me disabuse you of that notion. The only reason I feel so bad about this is because... 1) I've been looking forward to this since forever! It sounds like it will have some Wonder-like qualities, which I kinda dig. 2) And my heart really bleeds as I say this, but technically, I already have this book. It's just not in my hands right now. I won it at a giveaway along with 5 other AWESOME books picked by the BEA Editor's Buzz Panel, but (dont you just hate 'but's sometimes?), but the organiser said its too expensive to ship to India, so right now, it's sitting at my cousin's house in the US. *sigh* How can life be so unfair? *sob*
By the way, I just realised, Agnes from Despicable Me and Boo from Monsters, Inc. look remarkably alike. Agnes look exactly like a younger Boo!

4. The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle
This one sounds like a book about self discovery, coming of age, destiny and all that with a bit of love too! And I like the premise of her trying to break free from always following her parents wishes. Not that that's a bad this, to listen to your parents, but I think this is something that we will all be able to relate to, and hopefully that will help us understand the story better. And the name! Seriously awesome sounding name! 'The Inifinite Moment'... sounds a bit John Green-ish, wouldn't you say?

5. The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider
Not only does the blurb sound fantastic, but almost all reviews of this give it a high rating. AND one of my favourite book blogger, whose judgement I absolutely trust, says it's great! And you know what, this book kind of reminds me of The Sea of Tranquility, and that was just about THE BEST book this year, so I'm totally like 
for this one. 

There's another reason this book garnered my attention. The author's last name is the same as one of my favourite YouTube cover artists. Okay, he rarely does covers, but he's an awesome musician and director. I'm talking about Kurt Hugo Schneider, in case you still didnt get it. You know of him? Dont you just love his videos?! Especially the ones in which he sings himself?!
And the cover! It's so bright, and happy and summery! I love beautiful covers! <3 div="">

6. Right of Way by Lauren Barnholdt
I read Two-way Street a long time ago - this was before I had my fall out with the YA genre - and it was and still is one of the best I've read. Lauren Barnholdt, Sarah Dessen, Jennifer Echols, Simone Elkeles... All of them have this wonderful style of writing that I simply love so much! I kind of look towards their books as classic YA stories and this new one from Lauren Barnholdt, you can bet I'm going to be reading it soon! :)

7. Imposter by Susanne Winnacker
Again, it's been a long wait for this one, and the reviews coming in sound great, so I hope I get to read this one soon! It sounds like it'll be a nice break from the usual romance that's added even into science fiction nowadays. I mean, really, what is it with adding romance to every freaking book?

I get that it sells, but sometimes, I'd like to read a book without a boy/man crush in it, when it's full on girl time, if you know what I mean :)

8. This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales
Speaking of girl time, this one sounds like it will fit the bill nicely. The book blogosphere (that is what it is called, right?) seems to be abuzz with news about this one, and naturally, when all of you recommend something, I gotta read it. I have a feeling it will be something like Amplified, which was such a fun read, one my best this year! Aaand... COVER LOVE!!! And do you notice how the letters in pink form 'Love'? It's genius!

9. All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill
This is another book I won. Dont ask me to talk about it. I'm still in depression about my sucky fate. Really. And I've been wanting his book ever since I happened to see it on Goodreads.

Oh, and did I mention they're all hardcover?

10. The 100 by Kass Morgan
This book actually would've been somewhere higher, had I not watched the CW series trailer. In case you dont know, CW has picked this story up, and their going to be airing a new series this year based on the book. It's actually pretty awesome, but the series trailer... meh. And that kind of dimmed my enthusiasm for this one. Also because it sounds like it shared some similarities with After Earth. But I'm still looking forward to it. I mean, it wouldn't be here if I wasn't! And again, cover love! Especially the girl (or guy?) inside the E.

So what on your tbr list this summer? I'd love to know! And do we have any in common? Or is there something awesome that I dont know about? You know I always love book recs!

P.S.: I'm kinda liking gifs. I thought I'd try them out here for the first time, and they're actually really perfect to express emotion that you otherwise couldn't convey with words! Though I've probably gone overboard here :D


  1. Great selection! This Song Will Save Your Life is on my list too. I can't wait to read it. I'm looking forward to All Our Yesterdays and The 100 as well, though I don't have a copy yet.

    Happy reading.

    My TTT

    Sabina @ Delirious About Books

    1. Thanks, Sabina! I just cant wait to get my hands on them, too! :D

  2. You have a great list of books, Fahima! And I don't really know any of them - so I'll be on the lookout for your reviews :)

    Here's my TTT post for this week.

    Happy reading :)

    1. Haha yep, I'll def be posting reviews for these, I think!

      Thanks for stopping by, Lexxie! :)

  3. Great list of books. The Universe Versus Alex Woods is brilliant. It came out in January here.

    1. Yeah?! Oh wow, you guys are so lucky! I really want to read that one! :D

  4. The Infinite Moment of Us looks so good! And I have a copy of Imposter waiting for me at home (i'm currently studying abroad) and I can't wait to read it! Great picks :)

    Here's my Top Ten!

  5. All Our Yesterdays looks really interesting. Gravity was a so-so read for me, but I'm still excited for Hover! Nice list. :D

  6. I have been eyeing This Song Will Save Your Life too. Looks like a fun bunch of books for your summer. Have a great time.

    Crystal at Reading Through Life

  7. All Our yesterdays is a book I hope to read later this year. Have a great Summer of reading!
    Here is my Tuesday Post.

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