Be Bold, Stay Real: Do They Go Hand in Hand?

June 16, 2013

Be Bold.

Stay Real.

The natural assumption would be that the two of them would go together, right? Yes, I think so too, in most cases. But I think in some circumstances, there is a need for us to remind ourselves that the two should go together, and try to act accordingly.

In recent times, there's been a lot of emphasis on speaking out, voicing our opinions freely, and breaking free from barriers placed on us. I think this is a great move towards making us better human beings. It has allowed us to be true to our real selves, we've learned to 'let live', and it has also brought to light several injustices happening around the world, thus, in a way, also bringing us all together.

However, there's also a flip side to it, that is becoming increasingly common nowadays. In the name of 'being bold', we often miss out on 'staying real' to the situation. We sometimes get so caught up in going up against the bad (I'm just being general here, since I dont want to pick and choose), that we forget that thin line between what is acceptable and right (intelligent arguments, basically), and what is offensive and sometimes senseless.

A great example for this is Indian cinema. I am NOT bashing Indian cinema. I'm an Indian, and I actually think there are many great Indian movies out there, so please dont take this in the wrong sense. Nor am I generalizing. In fact, I'm talking about one particular film here. The recent film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, to be exact.

The movie is extremely entertaining, I agree. However, I think if you're going to address issues like 'living your dream' and the consequences it can have (even if it's only a part of the film), you should be realistic in it. In the movie, Bunny, who goes to US to pursue his dreams, leaving his friends behind, ends up losing contact with them for 8 years, but comes back like all's well, and tries to justify his actions. I mean, really? Losing contact with close friends is no longer a consequence of following your dream to a far off land. In today's age, we have just about a hundred ways to keep in touch with whoever we want to. I felt in this particular sense, the movie was trying to 'be bold' in advocating following your dreams, but kind of lost touch with reality.

Another example:
Gender discrimination has become another topic that's being publicized. Personally, I am very happy about this, since there are circumstances that we face everyday that points to bias, and  we're often told to 'suck it up, that's life'. But these things have to be spoken about. I think it's great that people are speaking out against sexism and that we have platforms where we can share our stories, big or small, and know that we're so alone as we once thought we were.

However, just today, I saw someone striking at a religion, saying it condones violence against women, and quoting some verses too. That is where I draw the line. I dont feel it's right to strike at any religion, especially when you are not of that religion and do not know the intricacies of it. It's hurtful and it's just not ethical either. See, I think it's not a religion, but the people who follow it that corrupt it. So if you have a problem with something, blame the person, not the religion.

Another thing I've noticed is that sometimes, in our quest to advocate feminism, we sometimes go a teensy bit overboard. There's nothing wrong if a guy holds a door open for us. Yes, we can do it ourselves, but he's just being nice. I dont see anything wrong in that. I'd do the same thing for a guy (I have, in fact. I dont see how that points to sexism, though some seem to think it does.

Well anyways, that's enough of examples.

What I'm trying to say here is that yes, Be Bold.

Shout out your wants and wishes. Fight for what you believe in. Pursue your dreams. Dont let anyone tell you who you should be. Stand up for yourself and for those who cant do it for themselves. Be Bold.

But (yeah there's a but. There's always a but ;), keep in mind also to Stay Real. Anyone can go around shouting about some cause, but it's not everyone who actually looks into it deeply and understands it, and know why and what they're fighting for.

I like the turn of that phrase, you know - Stay Real. I think it implies that we're all real to begin with, but sometimes, life (or people, or the devil, or whatever else you want to choose) changes us a bit, and we get sidetracked into becoming something that is no longer real.

And that is our trial.

In our pursuit of being bold, we should leave some room to remember that we have to stay real too.

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